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I glad to find here...

Hello all people in here...glad to see you...really !!! I'm 25 a guy, university student..living in Korea..and the oldest in my siblings.
never had a girfriend in my whole life....that's true...!!! and ....

I've been searching these kinda communities for a week I guess since I got this terrible depression stemed from this stupid self-ego...
Depression~!! I didn't even know what that word for me a couple months ago..But then I realized that I was on the wrong line alone. one day I found that I was just reached and followed by the people who nothing connected with me...
The point is I think I can't live with the people...even with the friends and I can't find anything happiness in there.
and I have thought probably i was wrong to think like that. Why ?? Humanbeings are genectically very social creatures.
We've learned that a long ago and this world we're living shows that..!!!!

But I just want to reach out somewhere where nothing's connected me and no one's even knows who I am...I just get rid of everything right now I have....

My friends can't even notice what kinda situation I am in and other little known people just laughing at my acts ...
Yeah I did't tell them...of course...!!!

For couple days I have been listening to this warm-heart song all the time...for blocking the sound comeing from enemies..
I don't wanna hear that so I have kept listening this music all the time, only one song....!!!
I never know when it gets the end...
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