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Advice... Anything, really...

Honestly, I'm just looking for someone, anyone, who can give me some advice on any of this or even just a tidbit of information on anything... That would be excellent.

Here's a small background on me before I ask the questions:

I'm an 18 year old senior girl who lives in a town in Washington and go to a school where my graduating class will be 31 kids. I have to decide between going to the University of Washington (with my boyfriend of over 2 years and oh so close to my entire family). I started going through a very tough down with my depression and then I was placed on citalopram without my consent... without even realizing it could have an effect, I stopped sleeping through the night (which is depressing and scary because that was my life for 2 years). Then my life started to feel like it was getting worse. Which it shouldn't be as I am noted as one of the top students in the US with an $8000 a year scholarship to UA. My life should be looking up but I am crying everyday and can't seem to get out of bed without my mother yelling at me. My attention span has completely deteriorated and my will to actually do things is gone. Not to mention stupid sexual side effects. Finally I got to a doctor and have been back on Celexa for two weeks now, but my mental situation is awful... For proof of this simply read my private livejournal. Hopefully I have set that up where all Celexa_Users can read it. Anycrap-- Here are a few questions:

1) Has anyone had any experiences with the new generic brand of Celexa that I believe is called Citalopram or something like that?
2) Does anyone have any information on the University of Washington versus the University of Arizona?
3) Does anyone know any good books or websites about overcoming depression?
4) Does anyone live in SW Washington or NW Oregon and have a counselor or other like person that they see and have had success with?
5) Has anyone actually had a success story with taking Celexa?

Anything anyone else would want to add is extremely appreciated. And I'm sorry for such a long post. I am a bit long-winded... again, see my private live journal.
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