Toki wa koetai (pie_12th) wrote in seek_happiness,
Toki wa koetai


Um, hey all. I'm new here, and since I'm on a really low low right now, I figured I'd try to make some friends who know what the hell it is that I'm going through.

I've started a higher dose of Paxil CR, 25mg a day, and I'm still getting used to the dosage. Changing dosages always makes me really moody, and this time I'm as suicidal as I've almost ever been. I've never attempted suicide although my doctor doesn't believe that. I used to take Tylenol as a way to calm down, because I had this mental addiction to it after a jaw surgery I had, and one day after school (I'm 17) I took 14 extra strength Tylenol. That was at the end of May, and i haven't had any since.

But tonight I found out about Ipecac and how THAT works, and since I've always been fond of the idea of overdosing, that sounds like a decent way to do it...

I don't know, I just really want someone who kind of understands and will aknowledge what I'm saying. I have a bunch of friends on my personal friends list, but they never reply to any of the posts I write.
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