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Carry me gently into the morning, for the night has been hard

I'm new here, I hope it's okay that I joined. My name is Lara *extends hand* and I always used to be a bouncy, happy person, and, sometimes, still can be. I'm going into grade 12, and halfway through grade 9 there was this massive downward spiral which was/led to depression, anorexia, OCD, hyperparathyroidism (it's a mouthful :s), mild osteoporosis and bulimia for awhile, other stuff but that's the just of it. I tried to start out at school again, after having done some correspondance, at the beginning of grade 11/this past year, but I ended up "dropping out" and finishing one course out of the 8 of this year, by correspondance, at home. Whatever, I'm fine with that, I just wanted to give a rough history so that you guys don't think that I'm entirely ignorant in joining this community. (I'm really bad at first time introductions and am probably coming off as the hugest snob; I'm sorry, I really don't mean to hurt anyone!!) Anyway, I'd like to be able to offer any kind of information or supportive-type help that I can. As the user info page says, we're all here to help each other. Myself I'm in a rut again right now, but I'm really working at coming out of it.

Two would-be-random facts, but ..with a point, so not entirely, I mumble :s :
-My friend has a friend who is bi-polar, and they have been living together for a couple of weeks while friend #1's parents are out of town. Friend #1 said that she and her friend/friend#2 have been doing a series of exercises every night, and that it's really helping the both of them to stay on track. It can be easier said than done though sometimes, eh?
-Has anyone ever tried hypnotherapy as a type of counselling? One of my other friends, who is now friend #3 (I'm REALLY fortunate to have friends who are so supportive, it's amazing...), just got back from Europe with her mother a few days ago, at which point I talked with her about something that she had brought up in conversation one time in the past. The next time we see each other, she said that she is going to bring the information sheet/pamphlet about this specific kind of hypnotherapy which for her seemed to be the trick. She had been borderline anorexic/depressed/OCD for awhile, but after just three sessions like this, she said that she began to feel a real change. And now she's entirely healthy and happy. It's inspiring. I'm going to try it, anyways, see if it works out.

--Other sort of random note: I'm definetly not anorexic anymore, and I'm on Prozac, 60mg/day for OCD and depression, and the osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism are mostly controlled by diet and exercise. It was an exercise and laxative bulimia for awhile, and while I've been clear of laxatives for about 8 months, sometimes the exercise thing still gets me. But I'm working on it and making progress; I'm on the mend. Below is the link to a picture of me (I normally hate having my picture taken, but this is one that's...not horrible, shall we put it that way...and so I digress[I think that's the word] this one time just so that I can prove to you guys that I'm physically quite a bit healthier than I was even 8 months ago).

If you guys made it through this, GIVE YOURSELVES A HUG!! We like hugs, don't we? Yes. :D I hope that you all sleep restfully and deeply and peacefully tonight and every night! Take care of yourselves, hear? Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join this community and to get to know you guys a little, even if I get the boot after this post. Night!
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